Want to make playing with tracks easy?

The Backtrack Box is the newest and easiest way to perform with backing tracks. The Backtrack Box runs on phantom power from XLR, requires no batteries, and has one volume knob.

The Backtrack Box plays audio from any source, splits the signal, and provides two balanced outputs.

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  • No power required

    The Backtrack Box runs on phantom power and requires no external power supply or batteries.  You don't have to worry about unplugging a power strip again. 

  • Volume Control

    The "CUE OUT" function on The Backtrack Box has its own volume knob, so the drummer or musician controlling the tracks can raise their guide/click volume without raising the track volume.

  • Money

    You will sound money!

Easy to Use.

The Backtrack Box has an extremely simple signal flow, shown here. 

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